Brave Camp

Brave Camp is a weeklong, customized camp experience that gets campers outside of their comfort zone, take part in something new while making new friends, and be inspired by Mother Nature!


Brave Camp

See what Brave Camp is all about.
What is Brave Camp?

At Brave Camp, kids will be supported by mentors through the Brave Journey experience while fostering creativity, curiosity, and responsibility. Campers will participate in exciting activities such as archery, walking trails, art, basketball, games, journaling, mindfulness activities, and more!

This year, we bring back Brave Campers from Harlem to unlock and embrace their own bravery as they move through these developmental years. The experience for these kids will be one they will never forget and inspire them to be the best versions of themselves.

Camp goes back in session this August! Reach out to for more information or to donate.

We've teamed up with Camp Stomping Ground
Camp Stomping Ground is an overnight camp dedicated to providing youth from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to come together, build authentic lifelong friendships, have an incredible amount of fun, and make lasting memories, all while living in a community where everyone’s voice is heard. They are free to make their own decisions. Conflict is worked through in a restorative way, and people are treated the way they want to be treated. Stomping Ground is in the Adirondacks outside of Saratoga Springs, New York. Their mission is to build radically empathetic communities through humble curiosity, personal responsibility, restorative practices, and unbounded creativity.

Camp Stomping Ground provides the ideal ecosystem for our goal to bring: 50 Middle School Kids from District 5 in Harlem NYC to Upstate NYC for a week of Brave Camp where they will be challenged to unlock their inner bravery, build their confidence and discover their personal superpower.
Show your support!
We are now accepting donations for Brave Camp 2024 to continue our mission.
Your donation will go towards bringing a transformative week to 50+ campers: Your generous support will underwrite all: Transportation, Room and Board, Prep Materials, Follow-Up Enrichment.
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